3rd Workshop


3rd Workshop

2007 East Asian Workshop for Marine Environments

November 26 ~ 28, 2007, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan



Prof. Chyan-Deng Jan

The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JSNAOE) and the Korean Society for Marine Environmental Engineering (KOSMEE) initiated biannual workshop for marine environments in 2003. The first workshop held in Korean in 2003 and the second in 2005 in Japan. The committee of the 2005 workshop decided to develop as a research group of marine environments with a name as “East Asian Network for Marine Environments (EAMEN)”, and extend to the workshop for including more attendants from other Asian countries with a new name for the workshop as “East Asian Workshop for Marine Environments (EAWOMEN).” The committee also decided that the first EAWOMEN will to be held in Taiwan and coordinated by Prof. Chyan-Deng Jan, Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, National Cheng Kung University in 2007. The objective of the EAWOMEN is to provide a forum for East Asian researchers, engineers, and graduate students to exchange their new ideas and to present their latest works in the fields of marine environmental engineering and management.

The 2007 EAWOMEN is co-organized by EAMEN, Taiwan Society of Ocean Engineering (TSOE), JSNAOE, and KOSMEE as international organizations. The Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, NCKU is the major local organization. The National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan, the Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center of NCKU, Disaster Prevention Research Center of NCKU, Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory, of NCKU, the Department of Marine Environmental Informatics of National Taiwan Ocean University, and the Union-Tech Engineering Const. Co. in Taipei provided their supports as local co- organizations.

The workshop has been successfully held in NCKU in Taiwan between November 26 and 28, 2007. The presentations were arranged on November 27 and the field trip in November 28. There were 118 participants from 7 different countries. Before the formal workshop, Prof. Okuno, the Vice President of Osaka Prefecture University in Japan, arrived three days earlier and visited the Coastal Ocean Monitor Center of NCKU with his students, and had a research discussion with Prof. Kao, the Director of COMC and some researchers and students of NCKU. The workshop had 118 participants including 19 Japanese participants from Japan and 9 from Korea. The vice president of NCKU, Prof. H.H. Hwung, on the behalf of NCKU made a welcome remark for the workshop on the open ceremony on November 27. There were 26 papers presented, including 17 oral presentations and 9 posters. The topics of the presentations include various problems of marine environments, such as oil spill, typhoon surge, tsunami wave, managements of marine litters, environments of tidal area, wave field analysis, tidal power generation, among others. The Union-Tech Engineering Const. Co. provided a full support to the one-day field trip in Hsinta Harbor, guiding the participants to visit the Improvement Project of Hsinta Power Plant Coal Unloading System. The Hsinta Power Plant is located in Kaohsiung County, Southern Taiwan. The Hsinta Power Plant Coal Unloading System Improvement Project in Hsinta Harbor started in 2004, the construction works will be completed in the end of 2008, and the proposed operation time is in the beginning of 2009. The total investment for the project is about 230 million US dollars. The approaching jetty connects offshore wharf and power plant has a length of 2,190 m and width of 15 m. The length of wharf is 310 m and the width is 27 m to 35 m. The largest calling ship will be 150,000 DWT. The participants were very impressive for the technology and the quality of the Engineering. The committee of the 2007 EAWOMEN also had a meeting on November 27 to discuss the futures of EAWOMEN and the next workshop. The meeting had decided that the 2009 EAWOMEN will be held in Busan, Korea, under the coordination of Prof. Beom-Soo Hyun.

Participants had a group photo taken in front of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering Building in National Cheng Kung University
Participants had a group photo taken at wharf in Hsin-Ta Power Plant
Participants visited offshore coal unloading wharf and approaching jetty construction work in the Hsin-Ta Power Plant by boat
Hsinta Power Plant Coal Unloading System Improvement Project:Offshore Coal Unloading Wharf and Approaching Jetty Construction Work

Distribution of Participants

Workshop Program

Monday, 26 November 2007

15:00-17:00Registration at NCKU

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

09:00-09:10Opening Ceremony: Welcome Remark by Prof. Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Vice President of National Cheng Kung University
09:10-09:30Welcome remarks by Chairman Tai-Wen Hsu, Dept. of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering
Prof. Chyan-Deng Jan, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.
Prof. Shuichi Nagata, Saga University, Japan.
Prof. Museok Song, Hongik University, Korea.
Session 1:
Chair: Prof. Taki Okuno / Prof. Chyan-Deng Jan
09:30-09:45The micro determination of nutrient in seawater using the microchip technologyTada, K, Arai, R., Nakatani, N.,
Okuno, T.
09:45-10:00Possibility of internal waves detection by X-band radarLi-Chung Wu, Laurence Zsu-Hsin Chuang, Dong-Jiing Doong, Chia-Chuen Kao
10:00-10:15Numerical study on the effects of paddle wheel and density current generator in the shrimp cultivation pondNobuyuki Yamayoshi,
Daisuke Kitazawa
10:15-10:30Developing practical recycling methods of FRP boatsKoo Young Yoon
10:30-11:00Poster session / Break
Session 2:
Chair: Prof. Ki-Seng Kwon / Prof. Jason C.S.Yu
11:00-11:15Fresh water influences in a tropical lagoonH.C. Yu, R.J. Tsao, Jason C.S. Yu
11:15-11:30Characteristics and long term variation trend of water mass in offshore of the east coast of KoreaYi yong Yoon, Jae Gyu Park, Sang Chol Yoon
11:30-11:45A study on relations between distribution of short-necked clam in a tideland and the flow fields in the tidelandMotohiko Murai, Yuta Funaki, Youtarou Kuwayama, Susumu Fujiwara, Ryoichi Yamanaka, Yoshiyuki Inoue
11:45-12:00Application of the AMSR-E data for ocean observationYasutaka Imai, Shuichi Nagata, Kazutaka Toyota
12:00-13:15Lunch / Organization Committee meeting (Room 4645)
Session 3:
Chair: Prof. Museok Song / Prof. Shih-Chun Hsiao
13:15-13:30Numerical analysis of wave field in OWC chamber using VOF modelZhen Liu, Beom-Soo Hyun, Ji-Yuan Jin
13:30-13:45Experimental and numerical study of tsunami wave kinematics on sloping beach: evolution and run-upTing-Chieh Lin, Shih-Chun Hsiao, Tai-Wen Hsu, Hwung-Hweng Hwung
13:45-14:00Density current generator – result of ten years operation in Gokasho bayKazuyuki Ouchi, Koji Otauka, Naoki Nakatani, Toshio Yamatogi,
Yuji Awashima
14:00-14:15Hydrodynamic characteristics of a Darrieus-Savonius water turbine for tidal power generationYusaku Kyozuka, Hiroyuki Akira, Di Duan, Naoto Nakamura,
Yuichiro Urakata
14:15-14:30A study on methane fermentation of marine biomassMasashi Yamakita, Koji Otauka
14:30-15:00Poster session / Break
Session 4:
Chair: Prof. Toru Sato / Prof. Dong-Jiing Doong
15:00-15:15Numerical study on multi-scale diffusion of CO2 purposely injected in the deep oceanSe-min Jeong, Toru Sato,
Baixin Chen, Shigeru Tabeta
15:15-15:30case study of storm surge in Masan bay caused by typhoon 0314(Maemi)See-Whan Kang,
Kwang-Soon Park, Hyu-Sang Cho
15:30-15:45Typhoon induced swellDong-Jiing Doong,
Chia-Chuen Kao
15:45-16:00Integrated management for marine litter in Incheon coastal waters, KoreaHyon-Jeong Noh, Chang-Gu Kang, Seong-Gil Kang, Jeong-Hwan Oh
16:00-17:30Visit Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center (COMC) and NCKU campus
(Prof. Dong-Jiing Doong)
18:00Dinner at Hotel Tainan
Poster Session
Enhancement of vertical mixing and upwelling by artificial mound in the shallow oceanShinichiro Hirabayashi, Toru Sato
Thermal variations in the western tropical Pacific OceanChun-Yi Lin, Chung-Ru Ho, Nan-Jung Kuo
Evolution of western Luzon eddy during 1993-2004Zhe-Wen Zheng, Chung-Ru Ho, Nan-Jung Kuo
Spectral wave data assimilation in SWAN wave modelYan-Ming Fan
A case study on storm surge hindcastMing-Da Chiou
Satellite feature-tracking to detect sea surface features in the Taiwan StraitNan-Jung Kuo, Chung-Ru Ho, Shih-Jen Huang, Yao-Tsai Lo
Typhoon surge forecasting with artificial Back-Propagation neural networkChyan-Deng Jan
Numerical study on vertical motion of a drop with locally variable surface tensionMuseok Song, Yoon-Tae Cho
A study of oil removal from polluted oily soil on beachK. S. Kwon

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

08:20-08:30Hotel Tainan
08:30-09:30To Hsinta Power Plant
09:30-10:30Offshore Wharf Engineering Presentation:
Speaker: Mr. Zhi-Cheng Wang, General manager, Union-Tech
Engineering Consultants Company
10:30-11:50Field visiting
14:00-15:00Back to NCKU


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