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YEOSU OCEANS\'12 EAMEN2 Information

Dear EAMEN2 members,

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming the EAMEN2 workshop. With abstracts received from 3 different countries, the workshops will provide an excellent meeting for networking between participants.

(1) Please visit the official homepage http://www.oceans12mtsieeeyeosu.org for your registration and journey plan in Korea.

(2) During the registration process, please fill your e-mail address in the KAOST membership EMAIL window to get the registration discount as a member. The e-mail should be same as what we(including Korean EAMEN2 secreteriat kosmee@kordi.re.kr) know. Please find the e-mail address list to be attached here. If there is any attendee who does not displayed in the Excel file, please let me know his/her name, affiliation, and e-mail address as soon as possible before his/her registration. Please note the Early Bird Date to April 9.

(3) Please be a top priority to make a reservation because rooms to be available become filling. There are two accommodations: The Ocean Resort(Hotel) and The Ocean Resort(Condominium). Please check below.

(4) Party Day: We will have EAMEN2 Gathering with Dinner at 18:30 on May 22.

(5) Please find the attached file that includes the technical program.

(6) Finally, Full paper due to March 31.

Best regards,

Rho-Taek Jung(PC in Korea)
University of Ulsan